Sunday, August 27, 2006

Your Youtube video on BollywoodSARGAM guidelines on submitting video

Q] What is advantage of showing my Youtube video on Website ?
A] BollywoodSARGAM supports all of the Youtube API and has created its own database of Youtube Videos. This makes us a favorite place for Video lovers as our collection has YouTube featured video and manually selected best quality video from Youtube. This eliminates need to click each video and wait to see if the content was what a user wanted to see. We screen all videos manually and when we are sure of the quality and Content we add it to our database with our own descriptions. By showing your Youtube video on BollywoodSARGAM website you get additional viewers and free publicity. It is free for all website and we do not charge you any fees for this service. BollywoodSARGAM gets 300,00 pageview a day and it's users searches for 20,000 videos every day [ check searches ]

Q] Tell me more advantages for Film producers, Directors and independent artists ?
A] If you are a Documentary maker or Film Producer and have low budget for your project you can utilise our FREE Services and Global Reach by partnering with us. We have all the tools, skills,manpower and visitors to make you popular.

Q] I am a youtube user interested in Showing my Video on your website video section. How can I do this ?
A] You can contact us here or email us at support(at)
Please provide us following information

YouTube user name :
URL of your video on YouTube :
(BollywoodSARGAM video category where you want your video shown ex Hollywood Trailers, Bollywood Songs Check Category list )

We will check your submission (No full movie scenes are accepted) and add your videos with in 48 hours and inform you. Even if we do not inform you check hits on your YouTube video page and check for "Links to this video" on your video display page. You will notice name in the website list.

Q] As a YouTube user what else can I do to interact with BollywoodSARGAM ?
A] You can join our YouTube Group and send feedbacks to us here.

Q] Can I have a idea about your popularity on YouTube ?

A] Please see the stats below.

Total Video : 200+

Video Views: 1497177

Channel Views: 10245

Subscribers: 192

Q] Can you tell me about Video hits on website ?

A] Please see stats below

Total Videos : 760

Total Hits : 95,01,943

Video Searches per day : 20,000+

[Check Top Search] [Check Top Searches today] [Check Top Searches yesterday] [Check Top Searches this month]

Q] You can misguide me with fake stats. Tell me where can I check more authentic stats on your website traffic ?

A] We actually love to downplay our role on internet. We are shy of media and attention and phone calls. We do not make claims of being popular for this reason. Please see following websites to see where we stand in popularity and hits. is tracking for many years.

AdBrite is tracking the new BollywoodSARGAM (excludes forums, recipe,jokes and games)

Our best friend Google says it will soon have 1 Lakh pages about BollywoodSARGAM in its index

Q] You guyz are crazy :O
A] lol... Yes we are ;)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

BollywoodSARGAM Video submissions tips

Q] What is the advantage of creating a video to show on website ?
A] BollywoodSARGAM gets 300,00 pageview a day and it's users searches for 20,000 videos every day [ check searches ] . For a video artist who loves Bollywood it is a good opportunity to show your creative talents through BollywoodSARGAM. Chances are your video gets attention of Filmmaker and you get a good assignment.

Q] Can you show my Video on BollywoodSARGAM Video page ?
A] We will gladly show your video on our BollywoodSARGAM Video page at Video Home .
You video must be made following these guidelines
  • It should be original and non copy-right violation. You clip should not show nudity or vulgarity.
  • It should have BollywoodSARGAM 5 second intro in start of the video
  • At end it shows BollywoodSARGAM photo [ Download Photo ]
  • If possible you can also add BollywoodSARGAM Logo [ Download Logo ] on the video
  • You can add your own intro at start after BollywoodSARGAM intro.
  • It should be send by email to BollywoodSARGAM(at)

Q] How can I create and submit a video for BollywoodSARGAM ?

A] Please download any one of the 5 Sec intro video and use it at start of the video that you will create

* welcome-2-bolly-badi-hot.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-city-2.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-city-jet.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-city-long-music.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-fire-music-good.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-fire-music.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-himesh-asshiqana-hai-dil.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-himesh-tujhe-bhool-jaana.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-newpaper-kiyne-armaan-himesh.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-news-paper-effect.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-river-himesh-nama-hai-tera.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-river-jet.wmv * welcome-2-bolly-wheel.wmv * welcome-bolly-city-1.wmv * welcome_2-bolly-fire-animal.wmv * welcome_2-bolly-fire-animal.wmv * welcome_2_bolly_female_rose_animal_voice.wmv * welcome_to_bolly_female_1.wmv * Welcome_to_bolly_flower_yellow_text.wmv * Welcome_to_bolly_Male.wmv *

Q] Can you show me a example of video that users have send following above guidelines ?

A] Please check this video of Bollywood song mix. You can also check this video a new version of Dhoom 2 trailer . Both of the videos are submitted by Rani.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

BollywoodSARGAM - Your Videos on our website

Q: How can i add my Videos to website (On )?
A: You can send us your videos and we will show them on website. Please follow following guidelines for sending your videos to us.

  • Please send your videos to BollywoodSARGAM(AT) (Replace (AT) with @ before sending email)
  • Please add your name, website, description of video in the email you send us and also tell us if you want your name, email to be shown in public or not.
  • Preferred video type is Windows Media Player format (.wmv) videos. You can also send us .rm (Real Media) videos. We do not accept Apple quicktime movies at this time.
  • Videos should not be copyright violation of any type.
  • Videos should not have any website name, URL in scrolling, fixed or any advertising.
  • You can have a intro in start and end showing your information and can provide name, email address on the video you make.
  • Video should not be offensive or containing nudity.
  • Videos can be Movie Trailers, Songs or your own songs, videos, remix albums, your stage show, modeling show or any thing that interest Bollywood and Hollywood Fans.
  • Video play length should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Video size should not exceed 10 MB size if you are sending by email.
  • Videos size by upload is 100 MB. In case your video size is more than 10 MB then you have to arrange to upload on websites like and . email us the url and we will download and show it.
  • We reserve the right to modify your videos.
  • We reserve the right to show/reject any videos.

Q: Where will my video show up on website ?

A: Your videos will show on relevent section.

Q: Will you pay me for my video ?

A: No, Sorry we do not pay for any video send to us. We are a free website. We do not charge our visitors for any services, and do not have funds to pay for your videos. We will like to help upcoming artists, producers, directors to promote their work through our website. We are very popular website and getting listed on this website is a big reward in itself. photos help

Q : How to add photos to your Blogger or Blogspot Pages and Blogs?
A: To add photos to your Blogger Blogs please follow these steps.
  • Navigate to the desired Actors/Actress/Movie page by visiting
  • When you find a photo gallery that you want to add to your Blogger Blogs look below the gallery. ex : You are on
  • Below the section "Show Bollywood Wallpapers Photo Gallery on your Blog or Website" you will see Flash code 500 x400 and 540x150 code.
  • 500x400 Flash code creates 12 photos in 3 rows of 4 photos in each row.
  • 540x150 code will create 1 row of 12 scrolling photos.
  • Copy the code and then log on to your account.
  • Click on "Create" link and you will be on Create Post Page.
  • Click on "Edit Html" above the edit box on left next to "Compose".
  • You will see all formatting option will disappear and you will be in "Edit HTML" mode.
  • Paste the code you copied from into the edit box.
  • If you want to add your comments or story to the photos you are about to show on your Blogger Blog webpage, Click on the "Compose" on top left side next to "Edit Html". Add your comments and message above or below the BollywoodSARGAM photo gallery. If you do not see photos during Blog Entry, do not worry they will show when you Publish your Blog or Post.
  • click on "Publish Post" button at bottom of page and you can now show your favorite photos on your Blogger/Blogspot Webpages.
  • Congratulation, you just showed the world in 2 clicks your favourite photos.
  • Send your Blogger website url to bollywoodSARGAM(AT) (Replace (AT) with @) and we will feature it in our Blog Website section on our Official Blog.
  • If you get stuck up, help is at your fingure tips. Just send a email to support(AT) or contact here
  • Thank you for using, Blogspot, Google and
  • Did we tell you we love Google too. It is the second best thing in world anyone can have.



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